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Brad Trew was interviewed live on Calgary’s CJSW Megawatt Mayhem on Saturday, 28 May 11. On the show was discussed Hardroad and an upcoming unreleased Killer Dwarfs album.
Brad Trew was interviewed live on Bolton’s B105.5FM on Wednesday, 11 March 10. On the show, various tracks were played from upcoming releases.
Brad Trew was interviewed live on Newmarket’s 102.7 CHOP FM on Tuesday, 27 Oct 09 to discuss the music business, how bands can find their own success and played tracks from Double Jack and Holly Woods.
Cyclone Records was showcased on a 2-hour special broadcast by Bolton, Ontario’s B105.5FM on 2 May 2009. In the studio were Brad Trew and Russ Graham (Killer Dwarfs, Moxy). (May 2009)
Brad Trew was interviewed by UK’s Angel of Metal Magazine. You can read the full interview here.
Brad Trew and pop legend Bob Segarini were interviewed live on Rogers TV Local Midday on 12 January 2009 in support of the “Gimme Shelter” rock benefit for the Humane Society of Durham Region. (Jan 2009)
Brad Trew was interviewed live at ImageFM’s anniversary bash on 10 January 2009. Cyclone artists were honoured with winning 2008 Band Of The Year (Stir of Echoes), 2008 Album Of The Year (Negus-Dare to Dream) and 2008 Single Of The Year (Tripchord-Sick With Hate). (Jan 2009)
Brad Trew and Dana Wood (co-organizer) were interviewed live on Rogers TV Local Midday on 6 January 2009 in support of the “Gimme Shelter” rock benefit for the Humane Society of Durham Region. (Jan 2009)
Brad Trew was interviewed by Oshawa This Week newspaper about the “Gimme Shelter” rock benefit for the Humane Society of Durham Region. (Jan 2009)
Brad Trew and Russ Graham (Moxy, Russ Dwarf) were interviewed live on Rogers TV Local Midday on 11 December 2008. (Dec 2008)
Brad Trew was interviewed by Tina Wilson of HMTV Canada. You can listen into the interview here.
Brad Trew was guest speaker at the Toronto Exclusive Magazine Project Showcase on 28 November 2008, an event geared to bring together artists and industry reps.
Brad Trew is honoured to be this month’s celebrity guest reviewer on, a rich, professional and insightful webzine based in Illinois. Reviewed were tracks by Auspex, Donna Austin and Sons of Nothing. You can check out the reviews and samples of their songs here.
Brad Trew has been honoured to be asked to judge France’s 100% Music Songwriting Contest in the Metal/Punk and Rock categories. The contest is open to participants from around the world and over US $40,000 in cash and prizes will be will be given away to 45 category winners and 3 overall winners. In addition, prizes and special offers will be given to all contestants. (Apr 2008)
Brad Trew was interviewed live on the Rytch Craft show on NetRock101 on Monday 28 April 2008 and introduced music by Caveat, Inner Surge, Nadine Adam, twelve34, Holly Woods, BlackSky, Pitch Union, Tripchord and Negus. (Apr 2008)
Brad Trew was the featured cover story of York Region’s Era Banner newspaper in February 2008. In the article, Brad discusses the early origins of Cyclone Records, the challenges faced with building a record label out of nothing and the industry in general. Also in the article are some of the bands Brad has worked with and quotes from a side interview with Scott Kreyer of Holly Woods/Toronto. You can check out the article online here or a PDF of the actual printed article here. (Feb 2008)
Brad Trew was interviewed live by DJ Matty Grant on’s Extreme Velocity show on 2 February 2008.
Cyclone Records was named “Label of the Month” for January 2008 by Hamilton’s (Jan 2008)
Brad Trew was interviewed live on Calgary’s CJSW 90.9 FM where he discussed the upcoming plans for Cyclone Records releases including the upcoming “Greatest Underground Show on Earth: Volume 2” and the Heavy Metal Music Association of Canada. You can check out an archived version of the interview here. (Feb 2007)
An interview with Brad Trew appears on the CIRPA (Canadian Independent Record Production Association) website as part of a featured member profile this month. You can read the full article here. (Nov 2006)
You can check out profiles of Creature Republic and Cyclone Records in the June issue of Beatroute Magazine. (Jun 2006)
Cyclone was profiled in the May 25th issue of You can check it out here. (May 2006)
Belfast, Ireland’s Rushlight Magazine says “although of a different generation to the music that Brad is in tune with and is pushing, I can see quite easily see the benefit his thinking must be to up and coming young bands and even older bands that just could not get their foot in the door of the music world.” Watch for a more in-depth article to be published following a visit to Belfast in August. (May 2006)
South Africa’s Underground Press gives “The Greatest Underground Show on Earth” a 4 out of 5 and calls it “rage-fuelled, indestructible and melodic power noise from musicians truly dedicated and passionate about their music.” (May 2006)
“Cyclone Causes a Stir: Indie Label Sells Its Integrity”: Cyclone Records was featured in The Calgary Sun’s Get Out entertainment magazine on 12 May 06 after an interview by Entertainment/Music Writer Mike Bell. Click here to read a copy of the article or here for the online version. (May 2006)
Virus Zine’s May issue is an incredible overview of Cyclone Records and its roster. Included is a full-feature profile of Cyclone Records including an interview with Brad Trew along with profiles and interviews with Allen Christie, Blind Army, Creature Republic, Dahlia Wakefield, Download, Inner Surge, Judith Lam, Nadine Adam, Pitch Union and Wormbox. You can check it out here. (May 2006)
Brad Trew was interviewed on Lethbridge’s CKXU 88.3FM The Crypt on 8 May 06. Featured on the show were songs by Nadine Adam, Tripchord, Pitch Union, Caveat, Occams Razor and Wormbox. (May 2006)
Brad Trew was interviewed on Calgary’s CJSW 90.9FM Megawatt Mayhem on 6 May 06. Featured on the show were songs by Nadine Adam, Tripchord, Pitch Union and Creature Republic. (May 2006)
Brad Trew was honoured with a request to be interviewed on South Carolina’s Big Break Podcast to discuss the music business and the innovations that Cyclone is using to stay up with current trends. The show, lasting 40-minutes long and featuring music from Creature Republic, Inner Surge and Dahlia Wakefield can be found here. (April 2006) says “Cyclone Records is bringing a fresh approach to music distribution and promotion. This is the way a record label should be run. They’re pretty clever up there at Cyclone- we’re a little envious that we didn’t think of it first.” (April 2006)
Members of Inner Surge were interviewed on Calgary’s CJSW 90.9FM Megawatt Mayhem on 25 March 2006. Also played were tracks from the upcoming release, “Signals Screaming.” Download a copy of the interview here. (March 2006)
Brad Trew was interviewed live on Philadelphia’s The Little Show. You can download and check out the show here. (March 2006)
Brad Trew was interviewed by Space Junkies Magazine. Check out the interview here. (March 2006)
Check out the interview with Inner Surge in the March issue of Space Junkies Magazine here. (March 2006)
Read a recent interview with Cyclone Records’ Brad Trew in (March 2006)
Cyclone Records was recently interviewed by Chicago’s All Ages Zine. Check out the full interview here. (March 2006)
Read an overview of Cyclone Records by X-treme Productions here. (March 2006)
X-treme Productions considers Inner Surge “among the few metal bands from Canada that will reach worldwide notoriety.” They recently interviewed Steve Moore of Inner Surge. You can read the full interview here.
Cyclone Records was mentioned in Belfast, Ireland’s historical publication “Rushlight Magazine.” (January 2006)
Leslie Birdfly talks about the “Greatest Underground Show on Earth” in FFWD Weekly 15 December 2005. (December 2005)
“Musician Grows Up On Alberta Compilation”: Read Hollow House’s review in the Hanna Herald, 29 Nov 2005. (November 2005)
The artists of Alberta, as they appear on the “On the Verge” and “The Heart of Alberta” compilations, are featured in the Artist Spotlight of US-based This is what they had to say “this month instead of featuring an individual artist, we decided to lay our focus on one the best Indie scenes out there right now, Alberta Canada. Both [compilations] give an incredible sample of some of the most talented bands in Canada today.” You can see the whole feature here.
Read about Cyclone Records and the landscape of the Canadian music scene according to Cyclone founder, Brad Trew, as interviewed in Rek Magazine, November 2005. You can also read the full interview here.
“Music Interview: Good Question makes a New Retro”: Read Good Question’s review in the University of Calgary Gauntlet, 13 Oct 2005
“Group Picks Up The Slack”: Slacker was reviewed by Brad Halasz in The High River Times, 10 August 2005.
Note: shortly after this interview, Slacker disbanded and the remaining members have gone on to form the new band Download with former Stone Pony guitarist Jesse Taylor.

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14 May 2011 Hardroad, Canada’s Supergroup, Now with Worldwide Distribution
20 Feb 2011 Cyclone Records Releases The Sevenate’s Debut CD, Revolve
2 Nov 2010 Cyclone Records Signs Distribution Deal with Sonic Unyon Distribution
27 Jul 2009 Hard Road Added To ClearFest Open Air Concert to Benefit Cancer Research
1 Jul 2009 Veteran Rockers Band Together to Form Canadian Supergroup, Hard Road
4 Apr 2009 Holly Woods of “Toronto” Embarks on Western Canadian Tour in Support of Album
24 Feb 2009 “New” Single ft. Buzz Shearman of Moxy Released 26 Years After His Death Proves You Can’t Stop The Music
20 Dec 2008 Music Community Responds to Durham Humane Society Fire with “Gimme Shelter: A Rock n Roll Benefit”
15 Nov 2008 Russ Graham of Killer Dwarfs Joins Moxy as Lead Singer
11 Nov 2008 Brad Trew Now Managing Russ Graham, Lead Singer of Killer Dwarfs
6 Nov 2008 Steve Negus of Saga to Release Solo Album, “Dare to Dream”, Through Cyclone Records
13 Sep 2008 Whitby Wing Shack and Cyclone Records Present a Rock and Roll Cancer Benefit
8 Sep 2008 Cyclone to Release Album by Where’s The Nine Featuring Barry Connors of Coney Hatch
29 May 2008 Canadian Rock Band Moxy Inks Management Deal with Brad Trew of Cyclone Records
31 Jan 2008 Cyclone Records’ Brad Trew Joins “Heavy Metal Music Association of Canada” Board of Directors
25 Sep 2007 Metal Collection CD, “The Greatest Underground Show On Earth: Vol.2”, Unleashed to Showcase Alberta’s Talent to the International Stage
28 Aug 2007 Caveat Nominated for Toronto Independent Music Award for Best Metal Act
6 Jun 2007 Inner Surge “Wolves” Video Debuts On MuchMusic AXS Website, Targets Genocide
21 May 2007 Metal Band Caveat Releasing Much Anticipated CD, “Red”
14 Apr 2007 Holly Woods (formerly of 80’s Rock Band Toronto) Set to Release a “New” Album
14 Dec 2006 Cyclone Records Partners with Slakrz Radio for Interactive Radio Program
31 Oct 2006 Inner Surge Dismantles the Machinery, Re-issues CD
23 Oct 2006 Tripchord Inks Deal with Cyclone Records Management
4 Oct 2006 Cyclone Artists to Appear on Extreme Sport DVD by Phat Mountain Films
15 Sep 2006 Calgary Metal Masters Caveat Joins Cyclone Records
10 Aug 2006 Cyclone Artists Slated for the First “Southern Alberta Hardcore and Metal Festival”
18 Jul 2006 Cyclone Records Launches “Eye of the Storm” Music Podcast
10 Jul 2006 Inner Surge Joins Van Warped Tour 2006 in Calgary
16 Jun 2006 Creature Republic Signs Unique Record Deal with Cyclone Records
11 Jun 2006 Tripchord to Headline “The Heavy Metal Music Assoc. of Canada” Fundraiser on 8 Jul 06
6 Jun 2006 Inner Surge to Join Cross Canada Tour with Former Iron Maiden Vocalist Paul Di’anno
5 Jun 2006 Cyclone Records Co-releases “Canadian Metal In Japan” Compilation CD
27 Apr 2006 Inner Surge Premieres Video for “Retribution Song” at
10 Mar 2006 Inner Surge Releases Signals Screaming to Critical Acclaim
07 Feb 2006 Metal CD Collection Showcases Calgary’s Talent to the Rest of the World
13 Jan 2006 Canadian Metal Band, Inner Surge, Breaking Into International Markets
19 Dec 2005 Inner Surge To Appear on Cabras Movie Soundtrack
19 Nov 2005 “On the Verge: Alberta’s Best Rock” CD Release
14 Oct 2005 Online Distribution Deal Reached
30 Aug 2005 “Heart of Alberta: Folk/Country/Acoustic” CD Release