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Holly Woods - Live It Up!
The 80's rock band Toronto was at the forefront of great Canadian rock and the peak of their success when they were forced to disband in 1985. Holly Woods and Scott Kreyer continued on to record new material which for a variety of reasons never saw the light of day. The "lost" masters have now been resurrected and with it, the most powerful performance and songwriting of Holly Woods' career. Recorded in Atlanta in 1985 with famed producer Sonny Limbo, the album features a more mature sound with eight soulful and hard rocking hits without losing the Toronto style.

About Holly Woods:
Anne "Holly" Woods moved from San Fransisco to Toronto in the mid 70's where she later joined Toronto, one of the most energetic live hard rock acts on the Canadian circuit. After a string of Top 40 hits and 660,000 albums sold, Toronto disbanded, but the voice behind the success continues.... more

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The CD is also available in stores across Canada, Australia, the UK and Europe. If they don't have it, just ask.

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Holly Woods and Toronto got a great plug from Stu Jeffries on Toronto's classic rock station Boom 97.3FM. Watch for more coverage coming soon. Thanks Stu!

Holly Woods was interviewed by the Moose Jaw Times Herald in support of her tour. You can read the full article here.

Holly Woods was voted by fans as the ZMQC 2008 Annual Favourite Featured Arist. You can see the result here.

Holly Woods was the October 2008 featured artist at ZMQC Productions here.

AmieStreet.com's Mr Cohiba says "This is honestly one of the best rock albums I've heard in years and it is truly a gift from the "Rock Gods" that these "lost" masters were resurrected, so that we could hear, and enjoy, these powerful performances by Holly Woods!!! Holly Woods - "Live It Up" is definitely one album I'll be playing frequently, and keeping in the CD player of my car!!!"

Holly Woods got mentioned again on CITY-TV's Breakfast Television (Toronto) on 26 May 2008 and the title track from "Live It Up!" was played. You can view the segment here.

"Live It Up!" was reviewed by Scott Deitriche of Blog Critic's Magazine. You can read the full review here.

Holly Woods' latest CD, "Live It Up!" and Cyclone Records got plugged on 8 May 2008 on CITY-TV's Breakfast Television (Toronto).

Holly Woods will be guesting on Robbie Thomas' Radio show, "A Link To Heaven" on 6 Apr 08. Robbie Thomas is a world renowned phsycic, and his radio show deals with the paranormal. When you mix paranormal experiences along with music experiences, it can be very exciting, and Holly shared many of those experiences from her days on the road.

Germany's Hardline Magazine interviewed Holly Woods and reviewed "Live It Up!" giving it an 7.5 out of 10. Copies of the magazine are available here.

An interview featuring Holly Woods and a review of "Live It Up!" appear in the April issue of Germany's Hardline Magazine. A copy of the magazine is available here.

DJ Charmaine Brooks featured Holly Woods on her show "Doing Time" on Women Rock Radio on 19 Mar 08. Featured on the show were 4 tracks from Toronto's greatest hits and 7 tracks from "Live It Up!" along with some personal revelations by Holly on her life, her days in Toronto and the recording of "Live It Up!"

Holly Woods was interviewed by DJ Matty Grant on iRock109.com's Extreme Velocity show on 16 February 2008. Also, played on the show were 4 tracks from "Live It Up!" and a track from her Toronto days.

"Live It Up!" debuted at #30 on Fredricton's CHSR 97.9 FM Top 40 charts.

AOR Underground Awards rated "Live It Up!" as #6 out of the best independent releases for 2007 saying "The return of the legendary Toronto vocalist Holly Woods came right outta the blue, but what a great return it was. This was a set of unreleased songs from the eighties, dusted down and brought back to life. If you loved Toronto as much as I did, then this is the album for you."

You can now hear Holly Woods latest album, "Live It Up!" on Sirius Satellite Radio. So stay tuned, crank it up and enjoy! Please support Holly and submit your song requests here.

UK's AOR Dreamzones reviewed "Live It Up!" giving it an 8 out of 10 and calls it "some of the best soulful, emotion fuelled vocals I've had the pleasure of listening to in ages all go to prove that a talent like Holly Woods should never have been allowed to go away." You can read the full review here.

Hollywood TV did an in-depth interview into Holly Woods, Live It Up! and Cyclone Records. You can read the whole interview here.

Belgium's Rock Report gives "Live It Up!" a 5 out of 6 and says it "shows us a mature Holly Woods with eight class tracks in the best Toronto tradition. The material on offer shows that Woods and Kreyer hadn't lost any of their enthusiasm [and this] might be the initial impetus to a reunion.

Holly Woods was interviewed on Cyclone Records' Eye of the Storm podcast. Spanning three parts, the interview covers Holly's thoughts on fan connection, her success in Toronto and hopes for the future. You can check it out here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Holly Woods appears in this month's issue (#91) of UK's PowerPlay Magazine available on newstands as of 31 August 07 or through their website here. You can view the article here.

Toronto Exclusive Magazine says "Holly Woods is back, quite possibly better than ever with a powerhouse performance on eight rock and blues tracks that comprise "Live it Up!" For those old enough to remember the distinctive sound of ' Toronto', you will be transported back in time. It's pure 80's power rock with a dynamic voice that commands attention. Track #4 is titled "Win" - very fitting, as this CD is a definite "Win" for Holly." You can check out the full text here.

"Live It Up!" has been playlisted to 1.FM, the world's largest internet streaming radio station with over 1.4 million listeners per month. You can request to hear a track from Live It Up! here.

Rock Aces says Live It Up! "is a pure connection with the past. A perfect example to listen and understand the music, the song writing and the feeling of 80's rock! Holly's songwriting and the great range of her voice, which can really touch your heart, brought us back from the past a very good rock-soul album with a great production." You can also check a profile on Holly here.

Heavy Harmonies calls Live It Up "a nice mixture of stuff, from the Toronto'ish 'Until We Change' to the cover of 'Hold On, I'm Coming'. Recording is pretty good quality as well...not as polished as previous Toronto records, but a nice full sound with a typical mid 80's sound to it all. Very nice surprise & Oh what a voice!"

The single and title track "Live It Up!" is listed as #8 on the Podsafe Music Network's top 10 list of songs played on podcasts for the month of July 07. Also, "Where Are We Now" is listed as the #5 top played song for the month of August.

Glory-Daze.com calls "Live It Up!" the "sugar bullet to open a few doors for Holly as she resurrects the 80's in uncompromising style."

Canadian rock legend Greg Godovitz (Goddo) interviewed his old friend and music alumni Holly Woods on his weekly radio program "Rock Talk" on Toronto's CFRB 1010. You can listen in live via the internet at www.CFRB.com.

RockAces.com of Greece are big fans of Toronto and has added "Live It Up!" to their playlist.

Keith Fraser wrote in CDReviewsByYou.com: ""Holly has a level of styling that only pure talent and years of professionalism can bring. The entire CD fits together like jigsaw pieces with both the production and lyrics strongly pounding out song after song. Live It Up shows Holly certainly has the vocal chops and charm to stand on her own." You can read the full review here.

Holly Woods co-hosted That 80's Show on Ottawa's soft rock station, Majic 100 (100.3 FM), on July 6th. Played on the show were tracks from her Toronto career as well as tracks from the "Live It Up!" CD. Check back here for an archived version of the show.

Holly Woods is the Featured Artist on CD Reviews By You that says "Live It Up!" is "all classic eighties rock - cowbell, keyboards and all; sure to satisfy the fans of the old band. So get out the hairspray and leg warmers and enjoy this great trip down memory lane. "

Holly Woods was the Featured Artist Spotlight on 80's Meltdown, the world's largest syndicated network of radio stations featuring music from the 1980's. You can check out an archived version of the spotlight here.

Chart Attack Magazine writes "Holly Woods Evens The Score After Unearthing 20-Year-Old Recordings."

VEX Magazine says "Forget all about looking for that retro-80s music you love so much. This album IS 80s music! Originally recorded in 1986 and all but lost until now, the former member of the iconic rock band, Toronto, has released a collection of songs that will have you kicking back with a beer, while fondly reminiscing about the days of mullets, Mustang 5.0s and 'Res-parties'. Party on!"

Check out the interview at Indie Music Stop with Holly Woods and Scott Kreyer regarding their upcoming release "Holly Woods-Live It Up!" as well as a rare glimpse into their Toronto days and beginning in the music business.

PRESS RELEASE: Holly Woods of "Toronto" Embarks on Western Canadian Tour in Support of Album

PRESS RELEASE: Holly Woods (formerly of 80's Rock Band Toronto) Set to Release a "New" Album

Live It Up! Radio One-Sheet

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